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In the 21st Century, having reliable high-speed Internet has become almost as important as having access to water and electricity. For many Americans, the thought of reverting back to dial-up service or a slow, DSL connections is reminiscent of a modern-day horror film. If you've had difficulty finding that reliable source of high-speed Internet then you're in luck! With Exede Internet service you're receiving the latest advancements of satellite technology that's utilized today by many large businesses, government organizations, and hundreds of thousands of residents seeking consistently fast service. By selecting Exede Internet service you too will receive a dedicated, secure signal that's delivered directly to your residence or business. With a wide variety of plans to choose from, our Internet specialists can help you determine which plan will best fit your needs and monthly budget. Both affordable and available, with Exede's advanced satellite technology you can finally live where you want with the services you need. Have additional questions or unsure about which plan would be best? Let one of our experienced Internet specialists help you find the solution you've been looking for. Just call 1-866-812-3586 today and we'll get you back online in no time!

The Search is Over

We've talked to thousands of customers who have recently moved to the country only to find out that their current Internet provider doesn't cover their new residence, or their primary provider is through a slow DSL connection. Slower connections make web browsing difficult and video streaming impossible. While there are many benefits gained from moving away from the city, finding fast Internet service is not one of them. Now, powered through the latest advancements in satellite technology, Exede can deliver ridiculously fast download speeds of up to 25 mbps, and impressive upload speeds of 3 mbps! Extremely convenient and affordable, Exede Internet can provide you and your family a reliable connection that continuously delivers top-notch speeds and is dedicated solely to you. By choosing Exede service you're ensuring yourself a pleasurable Internet experience with webpages that pull up in an instant. Call one of our Internet experts today to see what amazing Exede promotions are currently available at your residence!

Unbelievably Fast Service

With Exede's high-speed Internet you can finally say goodbye to slow, unreliable DSL service and upgrade your online experience. Unlike other Internet providers who make their customers pay additional money each month for fast speeds, all Exede plans offer incredibly fast download speeds of 12 mbps. Faster speeds ensure you're going to get the most out of your Internet service with webpages pulling up instantly and videos streaming without interruption. Eyeing that new album on iTunes? With Exede high-speed Internet you can start listening to the latest album in a couple minutes.

With other providers, having multiple people on the Internet at the same time can mean inconsistent speeds for everyone in the household. However, with Exede's super-fast speeds, you won't have to worry about other people's online activities affecting your experience. In fact, with Exede's wireless capable service, all members of your family will be able to connect to the web at the same time through the device they enjoy.

In addition to the incredible download speeds, Exede offers the fastest upload speeds for rural areas. If you're a photographer and you need to upload a client's engagement shots, or you're just wanting to share with your friends and family pictures from your latest vacation via FaceBook, Exede's incredible upload speeds of 3 mbps will having those pictures on the web within a few minutes.

Amazing and Affordable

One would think that this advanced technology that enables users to experience unbelievably fast service would cost an arm and a leg. However, Exede believes that everyone should have access to a reliable Internet provider without breaking the bank. In fact, depending on your needs and budget, Exede offers multiple plans aimed at providing you the experience you're looking for at a fair price. There's no cookie cutter approach when it comes to selecting the right plan for our customers. Our Internet specialists can offer you singular Internet plans or we can bundle Internet, phone, and television to save you money on all the services you're looking for! Call today to see what bundling discounts are currently being offered for you!

Professional Installation and Extra Perks

When you're choosing Exede as your Internet provider, you're choosing a company who puts user experience above everything else. Because of this, Exede only uses professionally certified installers to ensure you're getting the strongest signal. The installer will determine the best area to install your service to guarantee you're getting top-notch speeds. After your installation is complete, Exede offers all of their customers various tools to make sure they're getting the most out of their Internet service. Furthermore, Exede offers 24/7 customer support and the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan at your convenience. Best of all, with Exede's advanced technology, upgrading your plan doesn't require additional equipment. Simply log into your Exede account, select the plan you want, and you're done! It's as easy as that! With Exede, you're in full control of your plan and service.

No Unwanted Surprises

With other providers, after two years of service you would most likely experience a surprise in the form of a higher monthly bill. Unexpected rises in monthly costs can make it extremely difficult to stick to a budget. Exede values their customers and they know how important it is to maintain a monthly budget. That's why when you select a plan through Exede, you're going to have the same monthly bill for 3 years! This is just another example that proves Exede puts their customers' satisfaction above everything else.

No More Data? No Problem!

For many customers who have chosen to live in a rural area, their Internet options leave a lot to be desired. Traditionally, Internet service providers in rural areas feature data allowances. If a customer uses up all of their data, then their speeds can be slowed down to near dial-up levels or worse, they could expensive overage charges. Exede takes a different approach. In select areas, Exede offers their Liberty Pass to customers who've used up all of their data. With the Liberty Pass, a customer can continue to browse the web at high speeds without incurring an overage charge! Finally you have the freedom to use the web the way you want to without additional constraints! Call 1-866-812-3586 today to see if one of our Internet specialists can offer you the Liberty Pass today!

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